The newsletter/newspaper doesn't only contain my writings, it also contain my web comics! And other creative projects! Follow both my comic strips and my on-going comics, and get them directly to your inbox. And also my music, design, photography and more.

The newspaper is in English mainly, but sometimes also in Swedish (it can be in both languages in the same issue).

It's of course entirely free!

What's in a newspaper/newsletter issue?

  • A featured poem.
  • The latest news of my creative fields: music, art, writing, photography, coding and design.
  • News from my social media.
  • Uplifting and inspiring quotes - mostly written by me (they are like small poems too... I like poems.).
  • My web comics - both short comic strips and episodes from my on-going longer comics.
The length of the issue can be different from time to time, it depends on what's new. The content can also vary, it's different comics and stories in different issues. Not all of the comics listed below are in every newsletter.

Which are the comics included?

  • The world of Avoranic: Cassidy & Castor (longer fantasy comic in parts. In English.)
  • Trixie & Truls (shorter comic strips. Both in Swedish and English.)
  • FĂ„gelflax (shorter comic strips. In Swedish)
  • Other independent short comic strips

About the comics

If you want to know more about what the comics are about, I suggest you read issue 2. 2020 where I introduce my comics.
>>The News 2. 2020 - New comic & today's poem (and more!)<<

Is there a newsletter/newspaper schedule?

No, I do not have a schedule since I only do this for fun. But I aim to publish new issues as regularly as I can.

Past issues archive

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My name is Tricia Johansson, I'm a 27 years old and I'm from Sweden. I'm working with illustration, graphic design, comic art, music, photographic art, web coding/programming, animation, video and writing. Read more about me on my official website; www.triciajohansson.me

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